Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to continue to care for our patients and our community by creating a sustainable provider of modern general practice. We are committed to Living Life Better for and on behalf of our patients, our colleagues and the communities we serve.

Three values are at the core of who we are and how we act: courage, creativity and commitment.

  • Courage is a fundamental requirement in a rapidly changing world and healthcare provision landscape. We are committed to having the “courage of our convictions” to face challenge and make difficult decisions from complex choices to discharge our service to ours patients. Courage is a starting point for remarkable and effective action.

  • Commitment. Everything we do is based on relationships. Relationships are underpinned by commitment. We are committed to providing the very best of ourselves and our expertise to deliver the highest quality of service to our patients, our colleagues and to the wider community.

  • Creativity. Our responsibility is to always look for, create and deliver new and better service, to our patients, to our colleagues and to our communities. In a world of constant and rapid change, there is an increasing imperative for us to be creative in finding new solutions to new problems. It is in the application of our creativity, combined with our professional knowledge and experience, that PartnersHealth will demonstrate its value in the provision of healthcare.