Orchard Surgery, Kegworth

Orchard Surgery, Kegworth

Orchard Surgery, Kegworth is a general practice in Kegworth, Derbyshire. They are also part of the Orchard Surgery Group.

Opening Hours

  Morning Afternoon
Monday 8:30am - 1pm 2pm - 6:30pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 1pm 2pm - 6:30pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 1pm Closed
Thursday 8:30am - 1pm 2pm - 6:30pm
Friday 8:30am - 1pm 2pm - 6:30pm
Weekend Closed Closed
Bank Holiday Closed Closed

Postal Address:

Orchard Surgery, the Dragwell, Kegworth, Derby DE74 2EL


01509 672419